Instructions: Use keys WASD for moving your character. Use the mouse to control the camera, choose foes, allies for assaulting. Press keys 1-4 to choose skills.

Home » Games » opens the 3D world of monsters and various tribes! This Multiplayer iO game will be a perfect choice for you if you are looking for a team-based game with various opponents from around the world. Also, the game allows you to play solo and fight against other enemies by yourself as well. So, that means you have two options for the game modes! You can pick your favorite one and start your challenges! Before spawning into the game arena, make sure you select a specific class, like a warrior, a ranger, a mage, or even a healer. Your main mission is to get rid of all wicked enemies and cruel monsters that wander around the environment. You need to kill them as much as you can in order to gain more gold. With your earned gold, you will be able to purchase lots of upgrades and awesome weapons in order to better yourself! Don’t forget to team up with your friends! Teamwork is a must and will bring you a victory! Have fun!

How to play

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