Instructions: Use keys A or D to make the ball go forward or backward.

Home » Games » will keep you entertained and addicted for sure! Let’s say hi to this new Multiplayer iO game online and take this chance to prove your skills. You will play with various skilled players online in this game. You have a colored ball, and you must try your hardest to help it get through a tricky maze. Other players will do the same, so this is going to be a tough battle for you guys! It is tough because the maze is full of deadly traps and impediments, such as lava, spikes, swinging balls and much more. It’s not simple like you thought! You have to take control of your ball carefully, let it bounce to get past all traps along the way, but sometimes your ball will bounce much higher or lower due to some certain segments of the terrain. You aim to reach a further distance become the best player ever!

How to play

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