Instructions: Use keys WASD for the movement and jumping. Press key W or spacebar a lot of times for double jump.

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Jumping is always fun! That’s what you’re going to experience in a new Multiplayer iO game called! In the game, you take on a role of a squishy blob who can jump around the map to assault other opponents and take them out of the arena! This will be successful only if you know how to jump carefully and cleverly. The good way to assault those players is to jump from above, and then land on them. Doing so will help you pop them easily, and they will have to drop their mass when they die. The mass will be fired in various directions, so make sure you instantly grab and absorb them in order to gain more strength. Also, one more important strategy you should learn is that you must let your blob stay higher than other enemies. This will help you defend yourself from the attacks of the enemies, since they can’t kill you when you’re higher than. Try your hardest to stay alive longer and become the ace of the round!

How to play

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