Instructions: Use keys WASD for the movement. Click left mouse button to shoot.

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If you are looking for a new Multiplayer Shooting game online, then check out a fun-addicting one called which attracts a bunch of online players from around the globe just like other iO games. You can consider game as another version of, but it has different features and stuff. Once joining, you take on a role of a block-shaped character trying to get rid of opponents. This is such a hard battle, so you shouldn’t underestimate other players! You must make your way through a map encircled by lava, and try to make a good use of your powerful weapons to aim and shoot at the enemies before they take you out. They will do the same to you! Hence, protecting yourself is a must. You can defend yourself by using the coverage which helps you dodge their bullets and survive. Your main goal is to become the last man standing. Have fun!

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