Instructions: Control your kart with arrow keys or mouse. Click right mouse button for turbo boost, press spacebar or click left mouse button for shooting.

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Play and use your skills to vanquish all tough opponents! Driving a car in a slashing arena filled with lots of skilled opponents must be an interesting experience. In this Multilayer iO game, you will take control of your car and go race against various racers from around the world. It’s not only about being the ultimate winner of the race, but also about killing enemies! You need to grab some weapons through the glowing weapons in order to kill the opponents whenever you catch sight of them. Also, make sure that you use your power-ups wisely, like a time bomb, a lightning cloak and much more in order to gain an edge over the foes. Killing them is a must, but don’t forget to protect yourself from colliding with other vehicles. Try to drive around the map carefully and dodge crashing! How long will you think you can survive? Give it a try now!

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