Instructions: Use WASD for the movement. Click right mouse button to use jetpack, left mouse button for shooting.

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Once joining, you will meet a lot of skilled opponents from around the globe! This is a great Multiplayer iO game online that can be pretty much the same as You will also get a chance to prove your excellent shooting skills to the whole world. Performing actions and skills is one of the crucial things you have to do. Make sure you move carefully around the playfield, have your weapons ready to aim and shoot at all enemies as soon as you catch sight of them. Keep in mind that the enemies will also try to shoot you, so dodging their shots is a must! The nice strategy you should utilize is to lure them to go behind you around, and then you will take this chance to shoot backwards. Keep moving cleverly and attempt to survive longer so you can become the best gunslinger ever! Are you ready? Give it a try now!

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