Instructions: Direct your cannon by using keys WASD. Set the direction, aim your cannon and shoot at enemies by using the mouse.

Home » Games » is a nice 3D sea battle shooting game online that gives you a chance to become the best captain ever! This means that you’re going to battle against lots of skilled opponents ships and try your hardest to take them down. In this Multiplayer iO game, you will join one of two teams with a unique team color, then head out for the tough fight. You take control of your ship that is equipped with a strong cannon, and try to move it around the playfield in order to get rid of the enemies. Aim precisely, set a nice direction and let your cannon shoot! Make sure you work with your crew well to get an edge over the enemies easily. Keep an eye on the A.Is that are standing in lots of pirate ships. They can disturb your crew and get you distracted. Are you up for this game? Let’s give it a shot now!

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