Instructions: Press keys A/D to direct your character, jump with spacebar, shoot at enemies with your mouse, release a grapnel by using the right mouse button.

Home » Games » is an addictive yet difficult Multiplayer game where you play as a fighter who has to use the shooting abilities to take out all tough opponents. You will have a chance to choose your favorite game mode, including death match, team death match or capture the flag. These awesome modes have their own challenges and missions to conquer. After you’re done choosing, you will be brought to the map where there are only 8 players trying to play against each other. In the death match, you need to solitarily battle against all of them and try your hardest to gain the highest score so you can become the last man standing. In the team death match, you will engage in a red team or a blue team, and you must work with your teammates to defeat the opponents. At the conclusion of the match, the team that has the highest point will win the round. The third mode is capture the flag, and in this one, you need to use your tactics to take over the flag of your rivals then bring it to your realm as fast as possible. Your team will be a winner if you guys own 3 captures first. Good luck!

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