Instructions: Use the arrow keys to take control of your laser cell in the game

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Let’s experience a fantastic challenge in another funny multiplayer game called right now! This is also a famous game that will help practice your abilities. The game can be similar to, so surely, it will get you addicted and stick to it a lot of times. Once joining, you will also battle against various skilled players coming from around the world. They are very professional and can take you out easily of you don’t stay careful. Your main mission is to take control of a laser cell which is able to create a lot of lines in various colors. You can freely go around but you must remember not to crash into and hit other lasers, or else your game will come to and end. There are plenty of bonuses scattering around, try to gather them and let them help you conquer the game more easily, like reducing your speed, speeding up and so on. Wish you luck!

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