Instructions: Take control of your worm by utilizing your mouse, and help it move faster by using the left mouse button.

Home » Games » welcomes all players from around the world to play and battle against each other for the top spot on the leaderboard. Jump in this Multiplayer iO game right now and try to defeat all enemies. You play as a worm-like character that moves around and try to make a good use of your deadly trail to kill all of other opponent worms. No need to worry about our size in this game, even if a small worm can totally get the bigger one wrecked if it has a unique strategy and excellent skills. Try to roam around the map to collect a lot of foods so you can increase your mass. And once you mass is larger, you will be able to make more speed boosts to create a trail behind you. Do not run into the trails of other enemies, or you will die! Are you up for this? Let’s join the game now!

Video Demo

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