Instructions: Use the mouse to move your character, click left mouse button to speed up.

Home » Games » is a fun-addicting Multiplayer game that has the identical gameplay to Feel free to check out this one and experience new challenges. In the game, you play as a shiny orb and move around the map to collect a lot of food orbs. eat them as much as possible so you can develop your size and get larger. But you can totally chase other players that are smaller than you. Once you catch them, you need to eat them up so your mass will develop faster. While hunting for the food, you are supposed to stay away from the larger worms directed by other enemies. If they catch sight of you, they will chase you down and eat you up mercilessly. Since the whole arena lacks of lights, it will be hard for you to look around the map. Hence, you should always protect yourself and the lantern, as well as attempt to survive as long as possible. Your goal is to reach the top of the leaderboard and become the king of the round. Have fun!

How to play

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