Instructions: Use the mouse to control your jellyfish, and speed it up by using the left mouse button.

Home » Games » is a challenging and addictive Multiplayer iO game where you will swim around the large ocean to battle against plenty of enemies. This is the world of jellyfish, and you will become one of them trying to increase your size. Go around carefully absorbing more bubbles so you can grow up and become bigger. This is the main goal of every jellyfish controlled by real players. While moving around, you should be careful with many dangers that are close to you, like a larger jellyfish, the deadly edges of the map, or even the tails of medusas. Do not crash into them if you want to survive longer! Try to dodge them as fast as possible, use your excellent skills and strategies to kill all opponents. Keep an eye on the surroundings, never stop developing your size and attempt to increase your food chain to the top! Are you up for this? Try the game now!

How to play

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