Instructions: Use the mouse to reveal the tiles, and click right mouse button to place a flag.

Home » Games » will test your strategic skills and let you play against other skilled opponents from around the world. You will begin the challenges immediately with a screen full of tiles. Try to click around to uncover the safe tiles, and mark them with the flags. The game is very risky because you don’t know if that tile is safe or dangerous to uncover. So you have to think and pray that you’re lucky enough. When you reveal the square that has the number, it will signify how many bombs are around that square, then you can use the number to assume and uncover the next safe one. Remember that hitting a bomb while trying to reveal will be a game over for you. Make sure you use your strategies and think carefully before uncovering any squares. Other players will try to defeat you, and you must stop them no matter what. See how long it takes you to rank up! Good luck!

Video Demo

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