Instructions: Use keys WASD for moving, look around with the mouse, use keys 1-9 to choose items, click left mouse or spacebar to collect resources and assault the foes.

Home » Games » is one of the blockbuster Multiplayer iO games that brings you more challenges and tough battles. Get ready to meet new players and show them who the real ace is. You will have to build up a farm and let it create a lot of points for you. However, this is not easy since your farm is always at risk, and if you don’t provide it with a full protection, you will die instantly. So, you must go around picking up plenty of resources by making use of trees, bushes or rocks. Make sure you collect them as much as possible so you can start making a lot of buildings and useful items. They will help you defend your base and kill the enemies from afar. The more buildings you have, the higher point you will get. Keep doing so in order to reach the top of the leaderboard. Let’s try it now! Good luck!

How to play

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