Instructions: Use the mouse for controlling your character in the game.

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Begin to conquer a lot of challenges in as a tiny creature now! This Multiplayer iO game focuses on eating and surviving, or even battling against other enemies for the top rank on the leaderboard. You are just a small creature at first, and you need to increase its size by absorbing a lot of berries that are scattering around the map. The more you eat, the higher XP you will have, and then you can get evolved into another stronger creature. However, there are so many dangerous objects that you meet while moving around. The deadly ones, including hostile players, will be signified with a red border, but you can go through the friendly ones which are known as a light green border. Try to stay away from the enemies to protect yourself, and don’t forget to keep it hydrated regularly by drinking some blue blobs. Stay alive longer and never stop increasing your food chain.

How to play

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