Instructions: Control your tank with keys WASD. Aim and shoot at enemies by using the mouse.

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Play another awesome Multiplayer tank game online called and grab this chance to challenge your excellent skills now! In the game, you will make your way through lots of dangers and attempt to harvest a bunch of valuable gold ores as well as earn more points. But the other opponents will never let you fulfill your job. They will attack your tank without ceasing and kick you out of the game. Do not stay still and endure their assaults! You have to direct your tank carefully, aim and shoot them down as fast as possible, protect yourself all the time and try your hardest to survive longer. Your tank should be improved over time so it will become stronger. Use your earned points to purchase some upgrades like reload speed, weapon damage, movement speed and much more. You can make use of several abilities in the game to hide and deal with all enemies more easily. Good luck!

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