Instructions: Utilize your character by using the mouse. Speed it up with the left mouse button.

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Play online right now to test your surviving skills and try to defeat all tough opponents. Basically, this is a new Multiplayer iO game that has a similar concept to other previous iO games. You play as a little tadpole trying to get evolved into a frog by eating a lot of foods around. When you have a certain amount of mass, you can make a speed boost, which leaves a trail of lily pads behind you, then use that trail to trap other enemies. They will get destroyed instantly, leaving their dead fragments. If you eat their drops, you will be able to develop your mass faster. While moving around, you should keep an eye on other trails of lily pads created by the opponents. If you crash into them, you will die immediately. So, it’s better for you to look around carefully and defend yourself all the time. See how long you can last!

Video Demo

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