Instructions: Direct your character with the arrow keys, press keys QWE to utilize some special abilities.

Home » Games » is a new awesome Multiplayer iO game where you have to use your strategies to expand your realm and defend it against lots of other enemies. So basically, the kind of gameplay sounds like another version of, but truly it has different features and graphics. You have a tiny base which can be developed and extended. You have to move around drawing a line to capture a lot of borders, then you should connect them back to your realm for the expansion. Make sure you always leave your realm protected while moving around. If any enemies touch your line, you will get destroyed instantly, and have to respawn if you want. Also, you shouldn’t let the opponents take your mass away. Try to stay alive longer, gain a lot of mass and climb the leaderboard. Your main objective is to become the king of the whole arena. Wish you luck!

Video Demo:

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