Instructions: Your narwhale’s movement will be controlled by the mouse, and you can stab the enemies by using the left mouse button.

Home » Games » game puts you in the shoes of a mighty narwhale trying to rule the whole arena by defeating all tough opponents. Prepare your skills and strategies for this Multiplayer iO game and attempt to vanquish all challenges. Just freely swim around the map like a smart narwhale and utilize your deadly horn to stab an enemy in half when you catch sight of him. This action should be done faster because he can kill you before you take him out. You have to defend your narwhale and dodge being stabbed in half, or else your game will come to an end, and you have to restart it. The most important thing is that you must be aware of other narwhales around you. Never stop killing the enemies because you will earn a lot of stat increases like an upgraded horn, quicker turning speed, stamina increase and so on. Try to survive as long as possible to get to the top of the scoreboard.

Video Demo

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