Instructions: Direct your character by utilizing the mouse, press keys QWE to use abilities, like running, fart and shooting fart respectively.

Home » Games » is a really fun Multiplayer iO game with a unique gameplay and amazing features. The game lets you play as a tiny butt that is able to fart and get rid of other opponent butts directed by real players. Rather than being a tiny certain creature like other previous iO games, in this one, you become a butt, and your main objective is to become the largest butt ever so you can rule the dominance. Move around the map carefully, utilize a lot of power-ups in order to boost your strength, such as stinky farts, dangerous fart, or you’re even able to sprint faster for destroying all other butts as well as absorbing their beans. The more beans you eat, the more mass you can earn. Keep an eye on other enemies since they can take your mass away. Try to prepare your strategies in advance and use them wisely to defeat the opponents faster. See how many scores you can earn! Good luck!

Video Demo

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