Instructions: Direct your fish by using the mouse, click left mouse button to attack, and match the smaller fish into the bigger ones with the right mouse button.

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Become the best angler fish with the largest fish squad ever in a challenging Multiplayer iO game called! You will have to move around the vast arena and try to increase your fish army to the max by absorbing the floating foods. The more you eat, the larger your army will become. Just like game, you need to defend your army while it’s still small. If you accidentally come across a certain larger fish army controlled by the opponent, you must run away from him quickly and never let him catch you, or else your number of fish will be decreased, and you may die soon. But, you can absorb other anglerfish that have the smaller squad. Keep trying to eat them as much as possible and always defend your squad from the dangers around. You must survive longer and climb the leaderboard to dominate the arena. Wish you luck!

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