Instructions: Direct your queen with the mouse, click left mouse button to select the queen and army.

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Play with a lot of opponents in game now! For the fans of iO games, you guys should check out this awesome Multiplayer to experience new challenges. The game lets you control a queen and you must protect her carefully so that she can survive all the assaults of the enemies. You will kick things off with the creation of a big squad filled with various strong and skilled soldiers. They will help you fight off the opponents and always keep your queen safe. You are their commander, so you must order them to battle and do some stuff. Other enemies will have their own soldiers too, and they will launch their attacks to you anytime. Make sure you look around carefully, use your strategies wisely and try to survive as long as possible. If your queen can reach the top of the leaderboard, you will be able to take the dominance. Good luck!

Video Demo

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