Instructions: Use the mouse to control your piranha. Make a speed boost with left mouse button, and press spacebar for using the power-ups.

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You play as an aggressive and hungry piranha in which is a challenging survival Multiplayer iO game. The game takes you to a vast ocean filled with lots of survivors, and your main task is to eat them up for your evolution and growth. Eating, surviving, evolving are all crucial things you have to do in this iO game. At first, you’re just a small piranha, and you need to start gaining more size by absorbing edible stuff scattering around the ocean like survivors, and smaller fish, excluding for bigger fish! Make sure you run away from the larger ones, or else you will get eaten. You will also see some power-ups around the map, just feel free to grab them and use them as much as you can in order to boost your strength and you will get an edge over the opponents. Keep in mind that when you proceed to the next level, the size of your fish will reset. See how long you can survive! Good luck!

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