Instructions: Use the mouse to direct and steer your car, click left mouse button to speed it up.

Home » Games » is a Multiplayer racing game online with iO style. You will play against lots of other opponents from around the world in a challenging race. Just prepare all your skills and show all other rivals what you’ve got. Take control of your care carefully and try to race on a curvy track at a fast speed in order to defeat all opponent cars. You need to turn at some corners carefully, make a good use of all amazing features in order to get an edge over the rivals. Also, you have to complete as many laps as possible so that you can get to the highest rank on the leaderboard. Do not make any collisions with other cars, or else your game will come to an end. Other enemies are so skilled and tough, so you need to stay focused on the race and try your hardest to leave them behind. Wish you luck.

Video Demo:

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