Instructions: Use keys WAD for the movement, click left mouse button for shooting, right mouse button for flying. Jump with spacebar, key Q to change the guns.

Home » Games » brings you a fierce gunfight between tough opponents. This is a great iO-styled Multiplayer game taking you to a vast map full of enemies. Your main task in the game is to eliminate as many enemies as possible while trying to keep your character alive. You need to fly around the map carefully to hunt for the enemies and challenge them to the gunfight. When you run into a certain foe, you must use your gun wisely and instantly shoot him down before he kills you. There are so many awesome powerful guns that you are equipped with. So, you have to make a good use of them to your advantage in order to handle all the attacks of the opponents. Be sure to fly and stay higher than other rivals, carefully dodge their bullets and never give them any chances to annihilate you. Are you ready? Let’s engage in this iO game now! Good luck!

Video Demo

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