Instructions: Move your character by using the arrow keys.

Home » Games » is a game like or! Say hi to this awesome Multiplayer iO game and take this chance to prove your skills now. You will be taken to an arena filled with lots of colorful realms, and your main task is to move your character around the map carefully and then return to your main base in order to expand your territory. This sounds so simple and understandable, however, it takes a lot of practice, and you may have to die many times to master. But that is not a big deal since you can respawn the game after all. While moving, you need to dodge crashing into other rivals since you are so vulnerable to them when you get out of your territory. So, avoiding collision with the foes will keep you alive. Try your hardest to enlarge your realm and defeat all other opponents to become the best player ever. Have fun!

How to play

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