Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD for controlling your snake. Press numpad + or key I to shoot, numpad - or key o for triple shoot. Numpad * or key P for speeding up. Tap spacebar for jumping of head.

Home » Games » follows the similar concept of classic Tron game, and game. Engage in this amazing iO-styled Multiplayer game right now to prove your skills. You play as a small snake that moves around the map in order to absorb more foods and gain more mass to become longer and bigger. The more you eat, the longer you are, and the higher points you will earn. You can eat up the blocks, or the heads and make sure you dodge crashing into other snakes or the dangerous blocks, or even borders of the map for your survival. If any crash happens, your game will be over. When your snake gains a certain amount of mass, it will be able to shoot, accelerate, or even hop into the third dimension and freely move through all impediments. However, fulfilling those abilities will reduce the length of your snake, so be careful when you perform them. Your main goal is to survive longer and reach the top of the leaderboard. Have fun!

How to play

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