Instructions: Direct your ship by using keys WASD. Tap spacebar to fire your weapon.

Home » Games » takes you to a 2D arena where you have to fight against the enemies and stay alive longer to become the best fighter ever. Just like other Multiplayer games with iO style, you will meet new players and try to strive for the ultimate victory. The game features two colored teams, the red one and the blue one. You need to choose one of them, customize your spaceship and head out for the fight. Your spaceship must be directed carefully around space, and try your hardest to aim precisely to shoot down other enemy ships. You have two goals in the game! Try to capture as many planets as possible, and lead the match. To do so, you’d better team up with your teammates, work with together and use your nice strategies for the dominance. The more you play, the funnier it is! Let’s join the game right now to show your skills!

How to play

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