Instructions: Use the mouse to take control of your shark around the ocean in the game

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It’s time to become an aggressive and giant shark in a nice Multiplayer iO game called! The game is all about eating and surviving, which is pretty much the same as other iO games that you may have played before. In the vast ocean filled with dangers and stuff, you have to swim around to hunt for your foods, and try to eat them up as much as possible for your growth and evolution. You need to absorb the creatures that are smaller than you while trying to dodge other ones that are bigger than you, or else you will get eaten, leading your game to come to an end. When you gain a lot of mass, you can go chase and try to swallow other big sharks in order to increase your food chain faster and become the largest shark of the whole ocean. Survive longer in this fierce ocean to become the best player of all!

Video Demo

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