Instructions: Use the mouse for directing your ship, click left mouse to shoot.

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Are you up for a slashing battleship fight in Let’s engage in this unique Multiplayer iO game with 3D graphics to experience lots of challenges. You will have to fight against a bunch of other players for the victory and survival. Take control of your battleship and guide it carefully around the map in order to pick up more treasures for purchasing new weapons, cannons , mines, and great upgrades for your ship. While hunting, it’s inevitable for you to run into the enemies! So, you must always have your skills and strategies ready to fight against them and shoot them down before they take you out. Preparing strategies in advance will help you deal with the sudden attacks easily. So don’t forget to plan your tactics to get an edge over the opponents. Your main goal is to survive longer to rule the whole map! Let’s give it a shot now! Have fun!

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