Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD for the movement. Aim and shoot at enemies with left mouse button.

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Perform your excellent shooting skill in another challenging iO-styled Multiplayer game called Shootingheads. The game features some amazing gunslingers and nice weapons for your selection, so feel free to pick your favorite ones then set your footstep into a fierce arena. You will make your way through a lot of challenges as you try to annihilate all enemies by shooting them down. Try to aim precisely, set a nice direction and fire them as fast as possible before they kill you. Jump over the platforms, move carefully so that the enemies won’t be able to attack you. The game allows you to select a random room with a limited number of players before starting your game. So feel free to choose one, and try your hardest to take out all of them for the ultimate fame and victory. Your main objective is to survive until the end and become the best gunslinger ever!

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