Instructions: Use the mouse to draw things, and use keyboard to type the word.

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Rather than using your weapons to go kill other players, in, you will have to use your source of vocabulary and imagination in order to guess and draw. This is actually a fun-addicting Multiplayer iO game that will keep you addicted for sure. Once joining, you will have to look at a white center board that has the drawings of a player and try to guess what that is. Try to think harder and type the correct word faster to gain more points. When it’s your turn, you will select a word and then use your creativity to draw things that relate to your chosen word so that everybody can guess what it is. There will be four rounds in the game, and you must try your hardest to have the highest point at the end of the round to become the ultimate winner. Be quick, be smart and score points now! Good luck!

How to play

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