Instructions: Use the mouse for controlling the plane, click left mouse button or spacebar to shoot the enemies.

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Let’s fly up to the sky filled with enemies and start battling against them in now! This game takes you to a great 3D battle where you have to fight for your fame and glory. You need to take control of your plane and go kill other pilots more quickly by shooting them down. Make sure you protect yourself all the time and never let them take the upper hand! The most useful tip for you is to stay behind the enemies while fighting against them. Doing so will make it hard for the enemies to attack you. But if you fly ahead of them, they will take this chance to launch their projectiles toward you easily, killing you in process. Don’t forget to utilize your strategies to get an edge over the enemies, and try your hardest to survive longer! Let’s engage in the game right now to experience all challenges.

Video Demo

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