Instructions: Use the mouse to direct your character, click left mouse button to assault.

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You will play against various players from around the world in which is a nice Multiplayer game online. Once joining, you will take on a role of a triangle-shaped character with a specific color and move around the map to fight against the enemies. You’d better prepare your strategies and have your skills ready for this battle since the opponents can get stronger and tougher than you thought. To kill them, you have to aim precisely, set a nice direction and start launching your attacks toward the opponents. There are more than 7 stats for you to upgrade, like speed damage, maximum health and much more. Be sure that you will keep your stats upgraded over time to increase your strength. Try to keep an eye on the surroundings while moving around, and never let any enemies kill you. Are you up for this? Let’s give it a try now!

How to play

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