Instructions: Use keys WASD for the movement. Click left mouse button to strike.

Home » Games » is a new Multiplayer iO game that will test your fighting and strategic skills. Hop in the game now and take this chance to play with further players. Once joining, you will have to face a lot of hard spiked NPCs and other opponents. With some weak assaults and skills at the early stage, you may find it very difficult to protect yourself from the dangers around, but you must try your hardest to fight off all of them for your survival. Move around the map to slay all enemies, then you will gradually gain more power as well as experiences when you make a further progress. There are 9 stats that can be adjusted and upgraded, so make sure you better them in order to become stronger. To upgrade your stats, you should walk over some orbs around the map, or even get rid of more enemies. Enjoy the game now and try to become the best player of all!

How to play

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