Instructions: Use keys WASD for moving Shoot the enemies using the mouse Click right mouse button for jumping and dodging Reload with key R, utilize keys Q/E for using skills Key F for aiming Press number keys 0-9 to switch the weapons Key Enter for chatting

Home » Games » is another multiplayer game that is kind of like However, still offers you several distinct features from the previous game. At first, your character will be generated in an edge of the map, and now, you must start roaming around the scavenge the powerful weapons so that you can use them to battle against various skilled enemies. All players are equipped with an assault rifle that is very simple to use, and it has infinite ammo. But, you can’t use it always and forever in the game because it will become weaker. Searching for new weapons is a good idea! Just carefully make your way through all dangers, use strategies and perform your skills to defeat all challenges. The more you play, the better your skill will be! Are you up for this? Let’s take a chance to join game now and show off your abilities! Good luck!

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