Instructions: The mouse is used for controlling your snake in the game

Home » Games » is a wonderful and well-known smash-hit game online where you play as a little snake and try to make it bigger. The game is extremely addictive and amazing to play, it has gained a reputation all over the world due to its unique gameplay and a bunch of nice features. Possibly speaking, can be considered as the second hot game just right after, the first io game that has caused a lot of players to be addicted. In, the players have to take care of their snakes and make an effort to swallow as many colorful pellets as possible. These tasty foods are scattered around the game arena, and you must move around to search for them, eat them up and become larger. On your way, you should be aware of other opponent snakes nearby you. You may get destroyed if you run into their bodies, but you can kill them if you know how to make them rush into your snake. Once they have killed, you should try to absorb their dead fragments in order to increase your size in just a bit. Your goal is to become the largest and longest snake on the whole leaderboard!

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