Instructions: Click left mouse button or arrow keys for the movement. Use right mouse button in the required direction for jumping.

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Play online against lots of opponents and try your hardest to defeat all of them. This awesome Multiplayer iO game takes you an arena filled with 12 units, including six opponents and six bots. You will battle against them in order to become the hottest one, and you’re hot, you will be able to jump higher for destroying almost anything standing in your way. You may run into a lot of enemies that are at high temperatures, in that case, you shouldn’t try to kill you by using your jump, or else you will get doomed easily. But if you want to demolish them, you can utilize shock and shot bonuses. Don’t forget to collect a lot of stars so you can gain a higher score. Your main goal is to reach the top rank on the leaderboard and become the real ace of the round. Let’s get started now and try to survive longer! Have fun!

How to play

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