Instructions: Use the mouse to direct your snake. Click left mouse button for an acceleration, but you have to spend some mass on the speed boost.

Home » Games » is a game like with a lot of real rewards. In this Multiplayer iO game, you will take on a role of a tiny snake trying to grow your size by absorbing lots of golden scars dispersing around the map. You have two objectives, becoming the best, skilled and biggest snake ever and picking up 36 stars to get a great Amazon gift card. Just like, you will have to move around the map to search for your foods. When you run into an enemy, you should try to force them to run into your body, kill them faster and go grab their dead remains for increasing your mass. However, you should stay watchful for the opponent snakes since they can totally do the same to kill you and grab your mass when you die. Prepare your strategies, move carefully and try to survive longer! You ready? Play the game now!

How to play

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