Instructions: Move your snake with left/right arrow keys, tap spacebar to speed up.

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Here comes another game like! Say hi to and take a chance to explore more awesome challenges. In this Multiplayer game, you will also take on a role of a tiny snake moving around a 3D arena to absorb the scattered foods around and other opponent snakes for growing your size. Try to eat them as much as possible in order to become the longest and biggest snake. Just like, you have to stay watchful for the body and tail of other opponent snakes, if you have a body collision with them, your game will be over instantly. Don’t let that happen if you want to stay in the arena longer! You can totally make a speed boost as well, but remember that speeding up your snake will make your mass reduce a bit. So, be careful and think before accelerating. Prepare your tactics in advance, deal with other enemies and tr your hardest to dominate the whole arena.

How to play

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