Instructions: Use keys WASD for the movement, click left mouse button to launch a snowball.

Home » Games » is a great browser-based Multiplayer iO game taking you to a large-scale arena where you have to fight against other opponents for the ultimate victory and the dominance. The game was made in 3D with a lot of nice graphics and awesome features that keep you entertained for sure. You will have to team up with your friends in order to defeat the opponents. To fight against them, you must create a large fortress and use your own excellent skills as well as your nice strategies. Try to aim and throw a snowball at the opponents to knock them out, and make sure you dodge their attacks. Besides the opponents, the wicked bears are also an element that is very harmful to you. If you touch them accidentally, you will be destroyed instantly, and they can easily get rid of you with several hits. Let’s play the game now and try to survive longer!

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