Instructions: Use the mouse to control and move your squad of neon triangles, click left mouse button or press spacebar to shoot. Tap key S to split and run.

Home » Games » is an incredibly 2D Shooter Strategy IO game online that sets in unique and awesome space filled with spaceships and enemies. When you spawn into the game arena, you will become a commander of a squad of neon triangles and your task is to fly around the galaxy to kill all opponents using your laser beam bullets. Every time you destroy other enemies, you will earn a lot of neon-triangle minions which will enlarge your army and bring you more strength. The bigger your squad is, the stronger you are! Try to prepare your tactics in advance so you can deal with your enemies easily. One of the best strategies you should carry out is to assault the foes from the back, especially when you catch them off guard. They won’t be able to counterattack you quickly enough if you do so. The main goal is to rank up to the top on the leaderboard. Good luck!

Video demo

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