Instructions: Use keys WASD or arrow keys for the movement. Use the mouse for shooting at enemies.

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Get your skills ready for an Ocean-themed IO game called! The game has so many 3D graphics and features which make your game more thrilling and exciting to play. You will have to take control of your boat around a huge arena to take out all your opponents by utilizing powerful weapons and power-ups. You will get 100 points for a lot of kills, but if you accidentally make a crash or get blown up or even get killed, your 50 points will be gone. As mentioned above, power-ups play an important role in the game. If you have them, it will be a high chance for you to lead the match. You can use laser, grenade launcher, machine gun, explode-o-laser, spread gun, double shot and much more to damage the boats of your enemies easily. Also with many turrets equipped on your boat, you can use them for the defense. Every single power-up can only be used for 30 seconds or until you meet your end. So try your hardest to slay all and become the king! Have fun!

Video demo

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