Instructions: The mouse and spacebar will be used for thrusting in the direction that you want. Fire enemies with key w, and press number keys to use the power-ups.

Home » Games » is a fun 2D Shooter IO game that allows you to roam around space in order to fight against lots of enemies. Instead of directing a spaceship, now, you will become a controller of a sphere that is able to thrust in your favorite direction. On your way, you see there are so many moons floating over the arena, and it’s your job to fire all of them so you can gain a bunch of orange essence. After collecting them, you will be able to charge up your power, which gives you a higher chance of survival. The game doesn’t have any gravity, so it’s very tough and arduous for you to move around space. This will be your biggest challenge, and you must practice your skills until you become proficient. Try to fire all your enemies before they shoot you. Be aware of the black holes and make sure you stay away from them, or else your sphere will get damaged. Good luck!

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