Instructions: Use the left/right arrow keys for turning around. Press spacebar to fire, speed up with up arrow key, and slow down with down arrow key.

Home » Games » is an interesting 2D Shooter game that you are highly recommended if you want to show your shooting abilities. With this awesome IO game, you will never get bored! In the game, you play as a ship commander trying to paint the entire playfield by spilling ink. However, you will find it very hard to do because other opponents keep disturbing your job, and they won’t be hesitant to shoot you down. So, you must grab your guns then start firing them all while trying to defend yourself. You have to stay away from the drones that will get rid of you easily, but if you have tactics, you can use them to kill other enemies more efficiently. While you are boosting your speed, you won’t be able to paint the territory, so try your hardest to elude speeding too much. Keep focusing on painting and do whatever you can to dominate the entire arena.

Video demo

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