Instructions: Use arrow keys or WASD for controlling and moving around in the game

Home » Games » Game Game is a new multiplayer “io game” that has just been popular and still getting famous day by day. You should join and explore all challenges in this game as well as add it to your favorite “io game” list. Similar to other famous multiplayer games with the “io” extension, promises to become the next game phenomenon all over the world right after, and other games. The gameplay of is extremely exclusive and very addictive. Instead of trying to grow the size of your character just like what you experienced in other previous games, now, you will have to expand your territory by roaming around and capturing more blocks. The more you take over, the higher your score will be! Of course, it’s inevitable to encounter various skilled opponents. They can be harmful to you if they hit your tail, which causes your game to come to an end. Conversely, if you want to kill them, you can also crash into their tail. Just remember, always be careful whenever you are out of your own territory. That’s when you’re so vulnerable and get killed easily. Your goal is to become the most powerful one on the leaderboard!

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