Instructions: Use key W or Z for shooting food, press key X for shooting poison, and construct a wall with key C. You can demolish your wall to receive a small refund with key V. If you want to split, just tap spacebar.

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Prepare your strategies and skills to vanquish arduous challenges in! This Splix-styled IO game sets in a vast map where all players are fighting to claim their own realms. This is the main objective of the game, but it’s not easy to complete. You have to use your tactics to convert a lot of tiles, destroy all the cells of other players, take over their lands and never stop trying to enlarge your territory. But there are several rules you must keep in mind. Whenever you kill a player, you just only obtain his realm, excluding for his walls. If you want to make him weak or get rid of his wall, just launch poison at him. When shooting food, you will be able to assist a certain player or even improve a wall. You can provide your territory with a better defense by constructing a giant strong fortress. It will help you elude all incoming attacks! Good luck!

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