Instructions: Move your character around the map by using keys WASD. Fire your opponents by clicking the left mouse button.

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If you are a fan of Multiplayer Shooting games, then quickly jump into game now! This IO game will let you show off all skills you have through various challenges and savage battles. With unique 3D graphics, surely this will be a great gaming experience for you. After spawning into the game arena, you will control your character around finding many various weapons that are spreading over the playfield. You need to collect and use them wisely to eliminate your opponents that are also trying to kill you. To elude them or make them unable to shoot you, you are advised to move in a circular motion. This will also help you fire backwards and hit your enemies more easily. Be sure to stay watchful for the surroundings, attempt to survive as long as possible so you can rule the whole arena! Are you ready for this adventure? Kick off the game now!

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