Instructions: Use arrow keys or the right mouse button for controlling your ship around. Press spacebar or use the left mouse to shoot.

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Are you in the quest of new Space Combat 2D Shooter games? Play right now to explore further challenges and try to conquer this IO game now! In the game, you will direct your spaceship around the map in order to collect as many gems as possible. This will help you develop your stats, and when you max them out, you will be able to evolve your ship into another better one which assists you to kill the enemies more easily. When you’re still weak, you should dodge involving in the battle with other players, instead, try to focus on harvesting your gem rocks until you get stronger. That’s when you won’t have to fear others. If you don’t like to play solo, and want to experience something called cooperation, then feel free to make friends with others as well as team up with them! Two is always better than on, hence, making teamwork will help you deal with your rivals more easily. Let’s play the game now! Hope you have a blast with it!

Video demo

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