Instructions: Use the mouse to direct your character and go capture the hexagons.

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Play online to experience further challenges and prove your skills! This is a game like, but instead of taking over the blocks, now you will have to go around seizing the hexagons. The more hexagons you capture, the larger your territory will be. Keep an eye on other opponents while building your realm. They will do the same and never be kind to you. This means, your hexagons can be stolen by them, and even worse, you will get destroyed! To avoid being killed, you have to keep your line safe all the time. If a foe touches it, your game will come to an end! Also, if you accidentally crash into yourself, your game will stop as well. So, you need to defend yourself all the time and always stay watchful for the surroundings. If you conquer most of the part and gain the largest amount of mass, you will become the best player of all.

Video Demo

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